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Disadvantages of buy Telegram members

1- Increasing temporary engagement

Yes, temporary! This means that after the purchase, you will have an increase in engagement, and this is very promising. But until when? You should know that this increase in engagement will soon disappear. Purchased members will have no added value for you in the long run. What is the value of having ten thousand members, but in the end a hundred people will like your post? All of these can be examined.

Just someone who is a little familiar with these parameters will check your Telegram page. It is easy to see that these figures do not match. The key is the password against the Telegram algorithm of interaction. You have a real interaction. Many of these pages that these websites add to you as a new member are fake accounts. What interaction can be received from a fake account?

2- Damaging the credit

It is true that having a large number of members can persuade others to follow you. A member at the top of a page makes it even more professional. But these new users will not do anything on your page. Like, comment, share and…

And you need these things. This will jeopardize your reputation. Because people will come to your page and see that your posts have no comments. This gives them a sense of inappropriate content. People realize this very soon. Make sure they know that you have purchased your members. Do you know what this's doing to your reputation? Fake members usually have very few posts, no stories at all, their account names are weird, and they have very few members.

3- Distortion of criteria and performance

You need to analyze your performance. How are you going to measure these metrics if you have purchased your members? How do you find the posts that really work? How do you know the content that appeals to the audience and write and produce content in the same context?

Instead of wasting your time and buy telegram members and post views, isn't it better to spend it on attracting real members? Isn't it better to try to provide quality content so that people really want to follow you?

4- New Telegram rules

The new Telegram algorithm detects fake and unreal members and deletes them. Any likes and members that Telegram thinks are third-party and designed will be removed. In addition, by buying your members, you have violated the rules of Telegram and may even deactivate and make your account inaccessible.

Telegram aims to maintain real interactions and protect accounts and their identities. That is why it is so sensitive to fraudulent activities. So it is better to grow your members organically. Telegram opposes robotic activities. Buy Telegram members is one of these robotic behaviors.

5- There will be no money

Fake members will not buy your products or services. Just because you have a lot of members does not mean that brands like to work with you. The issue of unrealistic members shows up when brands are going to work with you. They will see your interaction first and then work together. No brand will work with you if your interactions and forwarding are unrealistic.

What can we do instead of buy Telegram members?

Show people something new and real:

Instead of trying to figure out what to do with it, try to give people something they want to see. Be realistic and give them an advantage over credibility. Identify your target audience and produce compelling content for them.

Have a marketing strategy:

To be successful in social networking, you need the right program. Think about why you are going to increase your members? For what purpose do you want to increase your members? Once you have your goal in mind, you can come up with the right strategy and do the things you need to do to increase your members.

Identify your target audience:

We have already talked in detail about the persona and the target audience. Therefore, we recommend that you check that blog in detail. But if I am going to talk about knowing the target audience in general, it must be said that the target audience is exactly the person you are marketing to reach the target. The target audience is someone you can turn into a potential customer. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who are your real customers?
  • where do they live?
  • What are their hobbies?
  • How do they use Telegram?
  • Why do they operate in virtual networks?
  • How can you meet their needs?

Consider these solutions. We have already written everything in a separate blog to increase the number of members in 2022. You can check out more here.

Now that we've talked about the robotic behavior and opposition of Telegram to this issue, you may have thought that using the new hub might cause problems for your Telegram page. BTM uses the official Telegram API to schedule your content for publication. In fact, BTM Hub operates under the supervision of social networks. There is no need to worry.


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