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Johnny Depp won the libel trial against Amber Heard , found guilty by a jury in Fairfax County, Virginia.

The Depp trial against Heard , which lasted six weeks and was broadcast in live streaming, saw the jury deliberate on Friday 27 May. The seven-person jury reached its verdict on June 1 after less than three days of deliberation.

The process

As of April 12, after the selection of the jury, the actual defamation charge was buried in part under the allegations of physical, psychological, verbal and sexual abuse against Depp .

The sensational details that emerged during the testimonies - tales of drug use, trips on the Orient Express, fights on private planes and Depp 's private island - have often overshadowed issues related to the First Amendment, namely freedom of speech.

Verdict and damage

According to the jury, Heard maliciously defamed Depp in a Washington Post article from late 2018, in which she called herself the "public face of domestic abuse." In the article Heard she insinuated that she had suffered physical, psychological, verbal and sexual domestic abuse at the hands of Depp , of whom she had never mentioned her name.

The couple's 2016 divorce settlement banned Couple T-Shirt the plaintiff from suing Heard over the charges she made at the time. Depp never included the Washington Post as a defendant.

In 2019 , Depp sued Heard for $ 50 million in damages for the loss of major movie roles, claiming he was himself a victim of abuse by Heard . The jury awarded him $ 15 million: $ 10 million in compensatory damages and $ 5 million in punitive damages.

Judge Penney Azacarate quickly reduced the punitive damages figure to $ 350,000, the maximum allowed by the state.

In her $ 100 million counterclaim, Heard said she was vilified by comments made by Depp 's attorney , Adam Waldman . The jury dismissed all but one charge: Waldman 's claim that Heard and her friends "framed" Depp with "an ambush, a hoax."

Depp will have to pay $ 2 million in compensatory damages and no punitive damages.

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